Start with Bitcoin

Buying, selling & wallets

Options for buying, selling and holding bitcoin.

Before getting to the options, keep these points in mind:

  • Where you hold your bitcoin (your wallet) can be different from where you buy and sell your bitcoin, since bitcoin is as easily transferable as email.

  • Although they are not technically "banks", we'll refer to businesses that buy and sell bitcoin as banks, since many offer Bitcoin-related financial services like savings accounts, loans and debit cards.

  • If you store your bitcoin with a bitcoin bank, you're trusting them with the security of your bitcoin. If you do-it-yourself, you're trusting yourself!

  • Remember that you can buy bitcoin at one place, send it (or a portion) to a wallet on your phone, and then later send it to another place to sell. You're in control!

Bitcoin banks

Most bitcoin banks, also provide wallet services, allowing you to store, send and receive bitcoin.

  • River Financial (USA) — River Financial is a Bitcoin-only financial services firm, allowing its customers to buy, sell, track and use their bitcoin. Exclusively supporting Bitcoin, and focused on ease-of-use, River is an ideal option for first-time Bitcoiners.

  • BlockFi (Global) — BlockFi allows its customers to buy and sell bitcoin via bank transfer, earn interest on bitcoin deposits, and use bitcoin as collateral for a US dollar loan.

  • Swan Bitcoin (USA) — Swan Bitcoin, for iOS and Android, focuses on accumulating bitcoin, little by little, over time. Link the app to your bank account, and turn on recurring purchases.

  • Coinbase (Global) — Coinbase was one of the first businesses allowing its customers to buy and sell bitcoin, via bank transfer. The downside of being perhaps the largest company, is that customer support can be very slow.

  • Revolut (Global) — Revolut, for iOS and Android, is hugely popular worldwide, providing accounts in USD, GBP and Euros, along with a debit card for spending. Recently, they added support for bitcoin! While a super simple way to buy bitcoin, it's important to know you have to leave the bitcoin in the Revolut app. You can sell it anytime, but you can't transfer it out to another Bitcoin wallet.

Do-it-yourself wallets

For those wanting to take self control of their bitcoin security, here are some do-it-yourself wallets.

  • Blue Wallet — Blue Wallet, for iOS and Android, allows buying of bitcoin with a credit card. Since it only stores bitcoin, and no other cryptocurrencies, its user interface is simple and easy to use.

  • BRD Wallet — BRD, for iOS and Android, has a great reputation, and allows buying of bitcoin with credit card.

  • Abra — Abra, for iOS and Android, is an innovative wallet that not only allows you to buy bitcoin with credit card, but allows instant conversion to other currencies and (if you’re outside the United States) stocks!

  • Ledger Hardware Wallet — For the highest level of do-it-yourself security, you might look into a “hardware wallet”, such as the Ledger Nano. It pairs with the Ledger Live desktop computer software, and allows you to buy bitcoin. A steep learning curve.

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