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What is a bitcoin worth?

Just like all assets, Bitcoin is worth whatever the market decides it’s worth.

Like any other asset, bitcoin's value continually fluctuates in the worldwide market of people buying and selling bitcoin. When it was invented in 2009, a bitcoin was worth nothing. At the time of this writing, one is worth about $9,000.

How valuable can a bitcoin become? Nobody knows. But here are some estimates.

  • A lot of people hold gold as a "safe haven" asset. If 1/3 of the $8 trillion market for gold flowed into Bitcoin, a single bitcoin would be worth $125,000.
  • A pricing model called "Stock-to-flow" that's used to value commodities like gold and diamonds predicts a future bitcoin value of more than $1 million.
  • Former PayPal director Wences Casares gives bitcoin a 50% chance of being worth $1 million within a decade. Since it's still only a decade old—compared to say, 5,000 years for gold—he also gives it a 20% chance of failing, and being worth $zero.

With that in mind, should you own some bitcoin? →